Why choose us

When you hire Detroit Chair Massage, you’re hiring a small independent business here in SE Michigan. We are not some nationwide corporation, or fancy service who just randomly hires therapists to fill appointments. We are focused on getting working class men and women in our massage chair to feel the difference it can make. Why? Because that’s who needs it and that’s who deserves it. 

The people who truly need to be seen frequently to address issues are hardworking men and women with jobs, families and responsibilities. There really isn’t anytime after work for themselves. That was our key motivator to make sure massage comes to YOU during the work day instead of you having to find time to book at a spa. Over the years, the reluctant first timers we have had the pleasure of working on have been some of the best long term clients we have ever had. We know traditional table massage isn’t for everyone for many different reasons.We hope to instead offer something that is comfortable for everyone. 

Chair massage has the same benefits of traditional table massage for MANY of today’s common physical issues our clients have. Shoulder, neck, arms, wrists, upper back, lower back, and common chronic problems like carpal tunnel or rotator cuff trouble. All these same benefits but no drawback of folks being uncomfortable.

We look forward to showing you how Detroit Chair Massage can work for you.