Who is DCM?

Detroit Chair Massage is owned and operated by Jennifer Balcom. Jen Balcom is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Michigan and grew up in metro Detroit. Graduating from Schoolcraft’s massage therapy program, Jen was one of the first in her class to take and pass the MBLEx national exam. She is also a member of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association)

“Helping people and seeing a therapeutic change has always been my primary focus. I have a family of my own so I know the struggles of needing time for myself and actually making it. So often we are told “go get a massage”. However finding extra time, money and putting yourself above other priorities isn’t easy! So that got me thinking, what if getting a massage DIDN’T take time away from my family? What if it DIDN’T cost an arm and a leg? What if I COULD split the cost with a friend? What if I COULD just sit down and have someone work on the stressed shoulders and neck instead of a full, oily body massage? All this AND have it right in the middle of my already scheduled day without having to do it after work…That’s it!

I wanted to make a more approachable massage business that didn’t intimidate anyone. Thinking about someone like my father, who would never have allowed someone in scrubs with a rain forest track playing in a dark room tell him to relax, I got to work. How could I make everyone feel totally comfortable with a massage? Most people would prefer staying in their own clothes for massage and still be able to access the common trouble spots. Blue jeans and a work shirt – not scrubs. Small friendly chat – no rain forest music. Come as you are – no undressing. I want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible and for many, that means all these things.

I want to make massage accessible for the working class and I hope to do that one new booking at a time”