Detroit Chair Massage is not just a business, it’s a passion. For years, hardworking people have said the same things:
*Signing a contract for lower massage rates isn’t something they wish to do.
*Getting undressed for a table massage makes them uncomfortable.
*And of course, they just don’t have the time to go between work/family/commitments.
Detroit Chair Massage therapists bring the chair to you. You don’t get undressed. You don’t leave all covered in oils and hair a mess. In fact, you don’t even need to find time between work, family, friends, school, or whatever! We set up right in your lunchroom, break room, spare office or right in a lobby! Get a massage on lunch or break time and let the company pay YOU to get the stress out! Onsite chair massage is the perfect workplace massage option. Little space needed, no private or quite area required. Employee appreciation has never been easier! And no, this isn’t the same old chair massage routine. Our therapists focus on the spot that are causing you the trouble. So even a short time can be a very effective time.
We are a small town business hoping to work with and help out other small town business.